My name is Patrick Kannekens,
Freelance Drupal developer and
fullstack developer

As a freelance Drupal developer I'm specialised in building technical Drupal solutions. 

Nice to meet you! My name is Patrick and I'm a freelance Drupal developer since 2011, working on projects for several clients.

Where did I start?

After finishing my degree in informatics (specializing in business management) I've worked several industries before landing a job in webdevelopment and have done that ever since.

I've worked on several custom websites and content management systems as a PHP developer, created Flash applications, but also 3D animation, print, design, and Java applets for SAP. I'm a Jack of all trades so to speak.


I first learned of Drupal in 2010 and learned to love its quirks. A great number of projects and challenges later I made the step to go forth as a freelance developer. The main reason was to find new challenges and learn more, about development, frontend, deployment, standards, continuous integration, etc.

What do I do more?

I like to go for a run in my hometown, enjoy woodworking, photography and 3D printing. I'm a maker, a builder and after a long day of coding there's nothing better to do than sit and relax with a nice glass of whiskey.

Drupal End of Life

Drupal 7 will be unsupported on January 5th 2025. This is the last time the end of life date was extended, so all websites running Drupal 7 need to be upgraded. Do you have a website running Drupal 7 and need help upgrading it? You can reach me through, my contactpage,  or +316 16 59 66 42

What can I help you with?

As a freelance Drupal developer I'm available to work on Drupal sites, development of custom modules or themes. With endless spirit and tenacity I'm keen to work on challenging projects.

You can reach me through, my contactpage,  or +316 16 59 66 42